Our Why

ProPath, initiated by Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric, aims to level the playing field for underprivileged youth by bringing awareness to lack of access to sports. In collaboration with Equipped NWA and Pagnozzi Parker charities, who offers the necessary gear for youth sports, believing in the power to teach valuable life lessons and foster community spirit.

What is ProPath?

ProPath is a focused effort by Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric, alongside Equipped NWA and Pagnozzi Parker charities, to support underprivileged youth in baseball. By bringing awareness to the issue, our non profit partners supply essential equipment, & ensure every child can participate, regardless of their economic background.

Who Benefits?

ProPath’s mission brings awareness to & benefits underprivileged children eager to play sports but lacking the means. Our non profit partners like Equipped NWA & Parker Pagnozzi Charities equip these young athletes with the necessary gear, opening doors to a world where they can excel, learn, and grow.


CHILDREN of lower income families that participate in sports


Families with children in sports that experience financial strain


Families that spend between $1,200 & $6,000 per year on sports

Non Profit Partnerships

ProPath partners with Pagnozzi Parker Charities and Equipped to empower underprivileged youth through sports. Through bringing awareness to the issue, we aim to help ensure every child has access to essential sports gear, fostering equality, health, and personal growth on and off the field.

Want to get involved?

Non Profit Directory

Pagnozzi Parker Charities

Pagnozzi Parker Charities aims to make sports accessible to underprivileged children in Northwest Arkansas. By offering scholarships and sports equipment, they enable young athletes to pursue their sporting dreams. Their focus on inclusivity, character building, and physical development ensures every child can benefit from the life lessons sports teach.


Equipped is dedicated to leveling the playing field for underprivileged youth in Northwest Arkansas by providing them with the necessary sports equipment. Their mission is to ensure all children have the opportunity to participate in sports, regardless of their financial situation, promoting inclusivity, physical health, and teamwork.

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Get Involved

Get involved and make a difference with Equipped and Pagnozzi Parker Charities! You can support underprivileged youth in sports by directly donating equipment, volunteering your time, or contributing financially to one of our listed non profits. Your involvement helps ensure every child has the chance to play, learn, and grow through sports. Join us in creating opportunities for young athletes.


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